The Secrets of the Pyramids

John descended into the heart of one of the Great Pyramids. To enter, he had to climb the side of the pyramid to the opening in the rock high above the ground. Now, he walked down a slippery slope to the bottom of the pyramid. The ancient Egyptians who built this made the interior like a maze, to make it difficult for thieves seeking the treasures buried with the pharaoh, to find their way. Not only that, but they included a fake burial room to make it seem as if the pyramid was empty. John knew these secrets, and easily maneuvered his way to the real burial place of the pharaoh. Of course, the body and coffin had long been removed by the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, but John suspected there to be more secrets hiding underneath the surface. The Ancient Egyptians thought that the spirit of the deceased lived on, which is why they left a small hole near the top of the pyramid for it to escape. They believed that the person’s spirit, or that person’s ba, would take the form of a bird and fly to the sun god Ray. However, John knew that the Egyptians also might like sort of an insurance policy, in case the hole somehow got covered. He thought that there may another way out. John studied the extraordinary hieroglyphics scrolled across the walls. He was one of the few people that could read them, but even to him, the message was cryptic.

Fall to the waiting darkness below,

chose the way in which you’ll go,

beware the dangers that lay ahead,

for the gods may want you dead.

John ran his hands along the wall feeling for any more clues. As he did, he pushed against some sort of door, that opened as he felt it. He fell forward and the door closed behind him, enveloping him the hungry, waiting, darkness.


Please comment what you think should happen next.

6 thoughts on “The Secrets of the Pyramids

  1. What I think should happen next is that John finds a hungry and angry beast then he tries to kill it but then he has to kill it with his mind. What I mean is that he is really smart and tries to kill it with what he has. So he has rope, knife, flare, and a hammer. This is what I think that should happen. Also, I was wondering if would take a look at my blog posts

    Thank you and goodbye!!!
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  2. Dear Caleb,
    I really like your story, I find it interesting and adventurous. I like how you wrote the message on the wall in italics font so that it stands out. What I think should happen next is that he gets stuck in the dark of the pyramid, and he stays there for many days, without food and water. Then a few days later he hears some footsteps and he tries to find a way out because he is scared. Then it turns out it is actually help that is coming, or it could be the opposite. Here is a link to my blog:

  3. As John keeps falling, he realises he is inside a tunnel and at the end of the tunnel, he lands on sand. As he stands up, he sees two doors, one said that whoever comes there would meet hope and the other one that he would meet faith. As always, John chose the path to faith. Walking along the long passageway, he came to a room with hieroglyphics that told stories of war. Suddenly, the walls around him trembled, arrows started flying and all that he could do was to have faith that he would survive. As planned, the attacks were made on sides, so anybody who had faith could walk forward. In the end, the wall in front of him cracked and he escaped.

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