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As I understand, finding a way to comment on blog posts and pages nowadays is sometimes quite challenging. So, to help you guys out, here is an easy-to-follow spreadsheet to help you be able to comment on my blog. Here it is:


This helps you when trying to comment. As you probably noticed, it is very easy to follow and commenting on my blog is not complicated at all. I read all of your comments and think about what you say, but there things I ask of you when you comment.

When commenting, please don’t:

  • give personal information
  • be unkind
  • comment about stuff irrelevant to the post
  • be silly

Any comments that don’t follow these guidelines I will not approve and delete. With that being said, please don’t just stop commenting. I love when I get feedback on my work. Comment with suggestions and ideas, cause those are the kind of comments I really value.

Thank you for your cooperation.



2 thoughts on “Commenting on My Blog

  1. Caleb,

    What a clever way to show how to comment on your page. Creating a path to comment makes your post unique. Having comment don’t on bullet list allows for easy reading. After reading your other posts, I have a hunch that you may have explored Percy Jackson series and other fantasy books. Have you?

    Keep writing. You have a way with words.

    Best wishes.

    Mrs. Trivedi-Ziemba (Team Student Blog Challenge 2017)

    • Hello Mrs. Trivedi-Ziemba,
      Thank-you for your input on my commenting page. It really helps me to know if people enjoy what I write. Also, your hunch is very much correct. I have read the Percy Jackson series and also the Gods of Olympus series, both of which are by Rick Riordan. I love how he takes a fantasy, make-believe topic and transforms it into something “real”.



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